Along Baltic sea lies a beautiful land of the Lithuanians. There is a  mystery hidden in this land although it appears to be weak among the European continent. Even this place has its own pride. Going there is easy. You might think that Lithuania has the image of highly urbanized city with tall skyscrapers and with many huge malls.

Trakai Palace

Actually, this contrary to what you are expecting. This area is dominated by lakes, forests, and empty lots. However, the country is proud for its natural beauty, arts and culture. After you arrive in the airport of Lithuania such as the Vilnius  Airport, Klaipeda Airport and Kaunas, the three greatest airports in the city, what should you do?

Find accommodations first. When you go there, you will be welcomed in the hotels, guest houses that are cheaper. It is better to find private rooms with food in it because this costs cheaper. Foods served in the restaurants are also good, you can afford the price.

Where you have to go when you visit the land:

Vilnius city is the most beautiful city in Lithuania. The architectural designs and the also the scenic attraction during the night is very awesome.

Go to the resort areas found in the country. Most people visit Palanga resort, the largest resort in the along Baltic coast. you can call this place ‘the Summer Capital’ in Baltic States.

Aukstaitija National Park is the most beautiful park in Lithuania. Vast territory of old woods land of pines, measuring 40, 570 hectares covering parts of Ignalina, Utena and Svencionys.

Curonian Spit is a UNESCO World Heritage Site that has a part of beach area and national parks. The sand dunes makes the place so cool and refreshing. In fact, the sand dunes in Lithuania are the best sand in Europe.