How to distinguish Latvia from Estonia and Lithuania? Latvia, Estonia and Lithuania are places located in the Baltic Sea.

Latvia got its independence in 1918. It is the smallest nation to become a colonial power. In fact, there were ruled by Russians and Germans. Latvia has only two million population. Yes, it is. In fact, Latvia’s population is only 0.4 percent of the EU population.

People in Latvia believe in legends, numbers and myths. They are wise and knowledgeable people. Well, for your information, Latvia is the top student sending countries in the EU. Jeans came from here for Latvia invented blue jeans. Life in Latvia is not of much worry since there are lots of jobs here.

Riga is the capital city of Latvia. Latvia is also recognized as one of the nations having a freshwater. A lot of places are incredibly beautiful. Many castles are built, and to be visited. The place’s white sandy beaches, cooling fresh air and so on will help you regain your strength and enjoy life to the fullest.

Additionally, people are honest and very clear to really what they mean. They are straightforward but sincere, having one word.

The color red in the countries flag depicts the people’s readiness to shed blood for freedom and liberty. Some interpreted it that it is represented by the blood of a brave warrior that was shed.

Latvians cuisine consists primarily of agricultural products with meat being the staple of most dishes. Potatoes, onions and cabbage are used for a large majority of their dishes. They are all grown within the country. Various fish are consumed too since the place is located in the east coast of the Baltic Sea.