Looking deeper into the economy of Estonia

If we say about silicon valley, we already know what does it mean? There are many inventions and developments and production that happens there and it is one of the places where you want to go if you want to be able to get new ideas or build you on created ideas. This is being compared to the country of Estonia? Is it also the silicon valley of Europe? Because of its achievement in technology and creation, this question arises.

Applications and software were created here and it can compete with the international market or level of the product. This country does not just concentrate here but have also pioneered other products. Watching the very educational video above, you can learn much about the country of Lithuania. It is a country that is now rising in its economic performance setting its goal and mission. Best eye clinic is found here, more information 眼科診所 驗光. They are many advances that in the time of the 1990s half of the population have phones in their homes as said in the video.

The video above can make us educated about the status and history of Estonia in terms of its economy. Even if it has many challenges, it managed to be diverse and survive the situation. They have created their own companies that became useful throughout the world.