Interesting study on how powerful the Baltic states are

When a country is formed, the basic needs and functions should be taken into consideration.  If a country cannot protect its own people then there is surely a problem that will arise. It is not just in the past years where a country should worry of being conquered by a more powerful nation but even until this time. We can clearly see the evidence of what is happening at the present time on wars of countries. The Baltic sea states are composed of three nations that are small.

How powerful are the three countries in the Baltic state? The video clearly explained about it in various different point of view. The conclusion is that they are vulnerable if an attack happens as they do not have their own military strength but what they have is the support and protection from NATO and the European countries as they can be directly affected on what would happen in the Baltic states. It is a very great way to stay protected without even spending any amount of money on security. It is a great way to be able to have a budget to spend on economic development.

They can take advantage of the support they get to strengthened other areas that they need to develop like economy so that trade and infrastructure projects can be made to improve the overall performance of the country to support its citizens with proper benefits.