Different facts that will let you know about the stunning Baltic Sea

The Baltic Sea have existed since it was created by the Creator of all. Since then it became a source of life to different species and have given a hope to many people. This sea is surrounded by many nations that can see its beauty and importance to the life of not just human but all who benefit from it. It has its own history that has spanned centuries. It has also witnessed wars, struggles, victory, happiness, sorrow and much more. If it can speak it has many stories and secrets to tell.

This sea (Baltic sea) is very special as it meets or connects with another sea(the North sea) so there are two currents shifting after another but cannot join or mix together. This interesting situation is very amazing. The reason to it is because the two seas have different densities. The result is an amazingly beautiful view as you can clearly see the point where they meet but they are separated by a line. It sometimes resulted in turbulence that can lead to accidents. The different nations that surround them regard them as very precious.

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