Travel Advise and Tips for You

Traveling from place to place is not easy. You have to associate with different people around the world and you have to be more careful since you are visitor from a distant country or not a native of that place. Here are some of the tips that you have to do in order to help you not to be in too much trouble


You should know how to speak English even a little. Know a few words of the native tongue.

In fact, language is barrier is theĀ  most common problem of tourist who are wandering from places to place. No one is an Island so you will always come to the point of asking help from the native people. In this case you should learn how to say it.

Culture Difference

Culture shock is the most common response of people when they visit some places. Of course, you come to see how people live their lives. You have your own and others have their own also.

Nevertheless, since you are just a visitor, tolerate the cultures that piss you off.

Learn to refuse

As a visitor, you will be the apple of the native’s eye. Some will ask money from you. Some will sell you something at a very high price. You can not deny that sometimes, there are things that catches you ad you want to buy it. If you think that the price is too high, do not give in.

Find friends

Friends will help you and inform you things that you do’s and don’ts of a certain area.