Things to Prepare When Traveling

What do you usually bring when traveling? What do you always prepare when traveling? We always think of money. We believe that money can do everything. This is a false notion, Money can not solve all your problems especially when you come to the point of being helpless. Money can buy you things, but not all the time for sure. For example, you are traveling to a place called ‘the mysterious Island and suddenly you got thirsty, you looked around and found no store nearby.

What should you do? In traveling, it is better to prepare everything before going to a place.

Food and Drinks- Bringing food and drinks, although it  is heavy, will give you assurance that there is something that you can eat or drink on your way.

First Aid Kit- This is the thing that most traveler forget. Who knows what will happen on your way?

Emergency Bandages- You can use this when you suddenly got injured. Do not think that you are always safe because there is no safe place on this earth.

Knife- Kitchen knife can give a help. There are times that you will be needing this. Except of course when you are going to malls, markets where you are not allowed to enter with such.

Extra clothes- Bringing extra clothes is  a good idea no matter what kind of trip you are going. It is understood that when you are going to the beach, you bring extra clothes. Wherever you go, bring extra clothes.