Got to check out the place Estonia! A place visited by millions of tourists every year like every other places in the world. Estonia is a European place which is bigger than Switzerland. It was once a socialist Soviet Republic before it gained its independence. This is a place developed in culture and economic. In fact, its free market is growing every year and its government debt is among the lowest in Europe.

Estonia’s economy and culture is heavily focused on technology. As a matter of fact, in 2000, the country declared internet access to be human right. Almost every single individual has the access to the internet, (I mean personal access having personal computer or the like). Also, it the first country to have online voting in a general election.

Estonia struggles with widespread alcoholism like its neighbors Finland and Russia. Well, the average Estonian drinks an estimated three gallons of alcohol annually.

Tallin is the capital of Estonia having a population of about 400 000. The local government of Tallin came up with an idea in order to help the environment and increase the citizens’ overall happiness and standard of living. This idea comes this way. The city offers a free transportation to anyone who is registered resident. So how convenient it is to live here!

More so, traditional Estonian cuisine has always closely imitated other European countries. Actually, they are a predominantly meat and potatoes type of society. In some places, we see that fish is also added into their dishes. Black pudding is also very common in the place, and a mixture of cabbage and mushrooms is one unique meal in Estonia. Ripe bread which was not often heard is a very traditional food in Estonia.